August 20, 2016

Jury Service

66th Judicial District Court: The jury trial scheduled for May 20, 2024 is proceeding as scheduled. Jurors please report for service.

Receive an Official Jury Summons?

Before you visit the Online Jury Service eResponse Portal PLEASE read the following instructions:

When you login you will be required to submit your juror CANDIDATE ID and your date of birth.  Your candidate ID is located on the Jury Summons.

Once logged in you must complete the questionnaire.  Your response to each question will determine if you qualify to serve, if you are eligible for and exemption, or can be excused from serving.  Once you submit the questionnaire you will be confirmed for service (if you were not disqualified/exempt). 

Click here – Online Jury eResponse

We are excited to offer an online Juror Service eResponse Portal.  If you have any questions please call the District Clerk at (254) 582-4042.

The District Clerk is responsible for facilitating the jury selection process for all of the Hill County Courts including the 66th District Court, the County Court At Law, the County Court and all of the Justice of the Peace Courts.

Other than voting, jury service is our most important civic duty. Remember that the U.S. and Texas Constitutions both guarantee the right to an impartial trial by jury.  You help make the system work and ensure the integrity of our judicial system.  Thank you!

Your time and service are greatly appreciated!