August 20, 2016

Records Search

The Courthouse flooded February 16th. I.T. services have been restored. While telephone service in all offices have not been restored, the District Clerk has one functioning telephone for the public – (254) 582-4042. If you cannot reach us via phone please email us at If you need to request records please complete the request form at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your patience.

The Hill County District Clerk’s Office is now integrated with reSearch Header Logo  where you may research civil cases.  You may use your efile credentials or create a new user account.  If you need records directly from our office please follow the instructions below for requesting records.

The Hill County District Clerk’s Office is responsible for the safe keeping of court records including:

  • Criminal Cases – Felony and Misdemeanor
  • Civil Cases – Attorney General Cases, CPS Cases, Tax Suits, Divorces, and more.

Printed Copies (regular, or certified): $1.00/page. You may pick up the copies in the District Clerk’s office or request they be mailed or emailed to you.

Search fee $5.00/search. Because cases more than 40 years old may involve additional research, a search fee may be assessed.  Cases submitted without a cause number may also incur a search fee.

Instructions: Please fill out the request form below. We will let you know via email (or phone) the total cost of your order, and we will send you a link to an online payment page. Or, you may pay in person if you prefer to pick up the documents from our office.